“There is a trade”

On the 4th, KBSN Sports announcer Kim Ki-woong, who hosted the 2023-2024 WKBL New Player Selection Meeting at Cheongju Gymnasium, announced the news of a trade.

It was a trade of Busan BNK Thumb’s second-round draft pick for Incheon Shinhan Bank’s guard Shim Soo-hyun. On-the-spot trades are common in the NBA and NFL, where there are many players and teams, but they are rare in the women’s professional basketball league, where the player pool is not large.

The trade between the two teams was finalized after the first round. BNK head coach Park Jung-jeong and Shinhan Bank head coach Gunadan had been talking a lot before the draft. “We were casually talking about who’s good,” says Gunadan, “but after the first round, BNK told me that all the players they wanted to take were taken. BNK wanted to bring in Shim Soo-hyun, so it made sense.”

Shinhan Bank used its second-round pick from BNK to select Katie Timmerman, an expatriate compatriot.

“When I watched her on video, I thought she was just a lone attacker, but when I saw her at the tryout today (April 4), she could pass and was better than I thought. BNK got the player they wanted, and we got the player we wanted, so I think it was a good trade,” he smiled. 스포츠토토

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