Kim Geun-hyun and Seo Moon-se-chan, who had a bitter experience in last year’s draft, are lacing up their shoes once again for a professional challenge.

Kim Geun-hyun, a senior at Sungkyunkwan University, and Seo Moon-se-chan, a graduate of Hanyang University, both suffered bitter disappointments in the 2022 KBL Rookie Draft, and even thought about quitting basketball, but they’re back to playing the game they’ve loved all their lives.

As a junior, Kim played 13 games for Sungkyunkwan University in the 2022 KUSF College Basketball U-League, averaging 16.7 points per game. That was the top scorer on the team and 12th overall. Kim’s sharp shooting and reliable fast-break finishing make him a valuable resource.

“I had a tough time last year after not being drafted, but a lot of people around me helped me. Coaches Park Byung-woo, Kim Ho-beom, and Kim Min-gu reached out to me and helped me train at my alma mater, Samil High School.” “I focused on ball control, which I thought was a weakness last year. I also played a lot of defense at Samil-Go and went to pickup games to keep my hands on the game,” he said.

It’s not easy to decide to try again after suffering the pain of elimination once. However, Kim Geun-hyun’s determination was different from last year.

“I’m sure the other players in this draft are eager, but I’m also eager. That’s why I’m sweating hard so that I don’t leave behind any regrets or regrets. My parents have helped me a lot over the past year, so I’m grateful beyond words, and I want to repay the people around me who helped me. I want to repay them by becoming a good basketball player,” he said.

Next, Seo Moon Se-chan, who graduated from Hanyang University, also announced his return to the professional ranks. Seo is not a big player at 182 centimeters, but his quickness and excellent shooting ability made him a highly sought-after recruit for the age-group national team in high school.

After entering Hanyang University, Seo was the centerpiece of the Athletics basketball team, playing both offense and defense. In his junior year, he suffered a cruciate ligament injury in his knee that cost him the entire year, but he came back from the injury last year with the same speed and activity as before.

After graduating from school after last year’s draft, Seo seemed to live a second life in the youth basketball classroom with the help of those around him, but his passion for the game was too great to let go.

“After graduation, I had difficulties both psychologically and financially. Thanks to the help of my alma mater, I tried to lead a basketball classroom in Ansan, but my parents and my best friend Lee Hyun-jung said, ‘Let’s try it for one more year.’ I started playing again after thinking about it. I participated in a 3-on-3 tournament to gain practical experience, and thanks to Coach Jung Jae-hoon’s consideration, I was playing at my alma mater, Hanyang University, and building my body.” He introduced his latest status.

Hanyang University coach Jung Jae-hoon also said, “Seo Moon Se-chan is a player who always tries and works hard, but I felt quite sorry for him as a teacher because he didn’t produce good results last year, but when he said he wanted to try again, I wanted to help him, so I asked him to come to school and work out. He’s got good speed and a good shot, so he’s a great resource if he goes pro.”

Seo Moon Se-chan also said, “I had a hard time getting my physical fitness back up by training at school. However, I managed to bring my physical condition to the peak by checking my schedule and organizing my training by myself. My strength is in offense, but my defense is also my strength as I can put pressure on opposing guards and play with confidence.”

As mentioned earlier, Seo suffered a major knee injury two years ago. There were some people who questioned his ability to play 스포츠토토.

“I had a major knee injury and was exempted from the army, but my rehabilitation went well and I have no difficulty playing normally. Last year, I was less able to play than my knee, but I prepared for the draft again this year and brought my body to the best condition. I tried a lot to grow,” he said, expressing his confidence.

The 2023 KBL Rookie Draft, which will once again feature public participants Kim Geun-hyun and Seo Moon-se-chan, will be open for applications from August 9 to 22, with the public skills test scheduled for September 4. The tryouts and draft will be held on September 21 at Jamsil Student Gymnasium.

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