Lim Kyu-young, 18, had been struggling for a while, and his voice was tearful as he spoke.

It was Mokdong Stadium, where the Presidential High School Baseball Tournament was in full swing. In it, Incheon went to the national quarterfinals for the first time in the season with a victory over Bokbyeong Yoo Shin. While Kim Taek-yeon did a great job on the mound, the victory would not have been possible without a timely hit in the right place at the right time. At the center of it all was Lim Kyu-young.

Lim, who has been showing off her batting prowess through the President’s Cup, had a multi-hit game against Yushin, including a game-winning hit, to lead her team to a 3-0 victory. She has now had three consecutive multi-hit games in the quarterfinals. Her average is quite high, with 13 hits and six RBIs, and a batting average of 0.462. In particular, she hit her first high school home run in the round of 16 against Gyeonggi Sanggo.

Lim also suffered from the so-called “high school jitters” at the beginning of the season. Incheon High coach Gye Ki-beom said, “He’s really good, but at the beginning of the season, he had a lot of trouble finding his groove because of the so-called high school jitters. Seeing that he overcame it and is now hitting hard, I think he’s a good player after all.” He showed his love for his student.

After going hitless in the first tournament of the first half, the E-Mart Bae Tournament, Lim was in a slump in the weekend league of the first half, going 5-for-22 with a .227 batting average. However, she started a multi-hit streak in the Golden Lion and regained her form in the second half of the weekend league, batting 4-for-4. He can now look back on his first half struggles with fondness.

After the quarterfinals, Lim said, “I had a difficult time, but I’m happy that I found my form again. I reached the quarterfinals of the President’s Cup, but I will do my best to win the championship by doing my best in each game.” 스포츠토토

Lim’s role model is KIA’s Kim Do-young. Like Lim, she can play multiple positions and has a similar playing style. “Of course, I still have a long way to go to catch up with Kim Do-young. However, I will do my best to be better than her,” she told us.

With only the semifinals and final remaining, it’s worth remembering that Lim has been on a multi-hit streak throughout the tournament.

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