“It was very hard.”

FC Anyang, led by Lee Woo-hyung, will face Gimcheon Commerce in the 24th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Anyang Sports Complex on Oct. 31. Anyang (35 points) is in fifth place. The gap with leader Gimcheon (42 points) is seven points. A loss on the day would mean a double-digit gap to the leaders, making it virtually impossible to overturn.

Lee announced his intention to “resign” after the loss against Busan I-Park (1-2) in Round 23. It was seen as an intense ‘sacking’ to shake up the team at the end of the transfer window. However, he finally changed his mind after an expired plea from owner Choi Max-ho, and this is his first game in charge. For Anyang and Lee, it was an important match.

Speaking to reporters before the game, Lee said, “I didn’t feel comfortable. It was very hard, and I felt sorry for the players and the fans. I made the decision because I had my own thoughts, but I also thought it was rash.” “I apologized to the players. The head coach and the mayor were surprised, and they said, ‘Let’s do it again. We have to challenge for promotion by the end of the season, whether it’s porridge or rice.”

After all, there’s nothing like a win to change the mood. “There’s nothing better than a good result (in Gimcheon),” Lee said, “but if we win, it will give us a chance to go out on a high note. Even if we don’t, we need to continue to play winnable matches.” 꽁머니지급

Against Gimcheon, the team was wary of Cho Young-wook. Cho has scored in seven consecutive games. If he scores again today, it will be his eighth consecutive goal, setting a new record for most consecutive goals in K League 2. “It’s important to stop him,” Lee said, “but the most important thing is to be persistent. If you keep fighting, chances will come. The weather is hot, so our organization is limited. I think we are more desperate than Gimcheon,” he said.

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